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One Shot Auto: Expert Care for Every Vehicle

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In the heart of Lincoln, NE, One Shot Auto Repair emerges as a hallmark of automotive mastery. Operated by the dynamic duo Brandon and Saree Verbeek for over seven years. This family-centric auto repair shop extends its exceptional services to the entirety of Lancaster County Nebraska, showcasing its commitment to a broader community.

a photo of our family that runs one shot auto repair

Comprehensive Automotive Services

One Shot Auto Repair offers an extensive range of services. Ensuring that every vehicle’s need is met with expertise!

  • Auto Repair Shop: A comprehensive center for all auto repair needs.
  • Automotive Electrical Service: Specializing in the repair and maintenance of vehicle electrical systems.
  • Automobile Radiator Repair Service: Focused on keeping your engine cool and efficient.
  • Car or Truck Spring Shop: Ensuring a smooth ride with expert spring and suspension services.
  • Engine Tune Up Service: Regular tune-ups for optimal vehicle performance.
  • Brake Shop: Prioritizing safety with reliable brake repairs and maintenance.
  • Car Inspection Station: Detailed inspections for vehicle safety and compliance.
  • Car Service: A full suite of car maintenance and repair services.
engine being replace in a chevelle SS

Extending Their Expertise

Beyond standard car services, One Shot Auto Repair excels in a variety of specialized areas:

  • Diesel Engine Repair Service: Proficient in handling the complexities of diesel engines.
  • Hydraulic Repair Service: Expertise in maintaining hydraulic systems.
  • Engine Repair & Replacement Shop: Passion for maintaining and repairing consumer motor vehicles.
  • Muffler Shop: Solutions for exhaust systems, enhancing performance and reducing noise.
  • Oil Change Service: Efficient and high-quality oil change services.
  • Radiator Repair Service and Shop: Specialized in radiator repairs and maintenance.

Specialized Vehicle Services

Catering to a diverse range of vehicle needs:

  • Trailer Repair Shop: Ensuring your trailers are safe and road-ready.
  • Transmission Shop: Skilled in transmission maintenance and repair.
  • Truck Repair Shop: Equipped to handle robust truck repairs.
  • Wheel Alignment Service: Precision alignment for safer, smoother driving.

Serving Lancaster County with Pride

Brandon and Saree Verbeek’s commitment extends beyond the bounds of Lincoln, reaching every corner of Lancaster County. Their mission is to provide unparalleled automotive services to the entire community, ensuring that no matter where you are in the county, premium auto care is within reach.


One Shot Auto Repair is more than just a service provider; it’s a community staple for anyone in Lancaster County seeking top-notch automotive care. With a broad spectrum of services and a deep commitment to family values, Brandon, Saree, and their team are your trusted partners for all auto repair needs.

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