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Keeping Your Wheels Clean: A Fun Fact from the Team

Sometimes, when the team is busy and the music is too loud for me to bug them, I take the opportunity to clean our customers’ wheels. It’s a small task that can make a big difference. Fun Fact: If you work or live on dirt roads and your tires look like they’ve been through a … Read more

How to Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip: A Complete Checklist

photo of a car broken down

Introduction As Summer approaches lots of families are preparing for vacations and road trips. This can be a very exciting time. Don’t let car problems ruin that. Let’s go over some things to prevent problems on your drive. Presented by your trusted Lincoln auto mechanic One Shot Auto Repair When you fail to prepare properly … Read more

Get Your Car Summer-Ready with One Shot Auto!

As we all eagerly anticipate the joys of summer, it’s important to remember that our vehicles also need to be prepared for the hotter months ahead. At One Shot Auto, located in the heart of SW Lincoln, NE, we specialize in getting your car in perfect shape for summer at affordable rates. We’re not just … Read more

Lincoln NE Auto Mechanic Repair Services

Warmer weather is coming. Remember to call to get that AC recharged, the brake specials are as hot as Nebraska summers and don’t forget to call us for that tune up you’ve been putting off. We’ve got room for you!! We still have some open availability this week to get in that last minute noise … Read more

Did you know we can manage your fleet repairs?

We’d like to welcome DFI to our fleet repair. Thanks so much for supporting our small business and putting your trust in One Shot Auto to keep your fleet vehicles on the road. If you have the time check out their business website. With their lincoln location: Nebraska – Lincoln  (Headquarters) 625 W Prospector Ct.  … Read more

Why a Family-Run Mechanic Shop Is the Right Choice for Your Vehicle

When it comes to car repair and maintenance, the choice of where to take your vehicle matters. In a world where personal touch and trust are increasingly valued, a family-run mechanic shop stands out as an ideal choice. Here’s why: Expertise passed down through generations. At our family-run shop, expertise in car repair services isn’t … Read more