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About Us

Brandon’s love for mechanics started at a young age. He was tearing 4-wheelers and tractors and old motors apart on the farm since he can remember. As he got older, his love for wrenching only grew. He knew one day he was going to own his very own mechanic shop. Throughout his younger years he helped on the farm fixing machinery, messing with his own cars,  and helping out friends.

Once he was done with high school, he attended an internship program, where he got his master diesel technician certification. He has since done every job imaginable from being the shop go-getter to being a shop Forman and running the entire shop for someone else. After Brandon went through some medical issues, he and his wife decided it was time to try to be his own boss.

Brandon officially opened One Shot Auto Repair in 2016 in the dead middle of winter out of a 1 stall garage attached to a duplex that the snow came through the walls. Brandon slowly worked his way into a small shop in Lincoln where he had more room and was able to expand, and has climbed up and keeps getting bigger. We at One Shot Auto want you to get that small town feel while your at the big town mechanic shop, we’ve seen too many people rake others over the coals to make a quick buck. That is part of the reason it drove Brandon to open his own shop. We strive to be fair and honest at One Shot and want you to feel comfortable with your vehicle in our care.

A little over 8 years later, we have a very successful business that Brandon always dreamed of owning.


Brandon Verbeek


Im Proud to be a Lincoln Resident and helping our community get to work and chores. I take pride in my work. Honesty in mechanics and business as a whole is very important.

We take quality service, integrity and honesty very seriously!

– Brandon Verbeek – Owner

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