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Our Services & Products

Precision Auto Care Services

At One Shot Auto Repair we believe in Honesty and Integrity when it comes to vehicle repair.

Engine Diagnostic and Repair

– Using specialized equipment to diagnose and repair engine problems.


We can diagnose and service multiple different engine repair needs.

image of car brake repair

Brake Service

– Inspection, repair, or replacement of brake pads, rotors, and fluid to ensure the vehicle stops effectively.


We offer convenient brake repair services. Car not stopping properly. Do you have a grinding or squealing noise. Let’s get those brakes looked at.

Preventative Maintenance

– Performing scheduled maintenance to prevent future problems.


We offer many of your basic preventative maintenance services. Oil changes, Fluid checks, tire rotations.


We also offer fleet maintenance for local businesses ask us how we can be of service to your business vehicles.

Other General Repairs

– Our Technicians are professional in nearly all aspects of mechanical repairs.


Timing Chain Repairs, Radiator Flush Service, Heater Core Replacement, A/C Recharge and Compressor Replacements. Water Pump Repair, Thermostat Diagnostics, the list goes on and on.

Interior Repairs

– Do you have a broken window regulator, broken door switches?


Our Professional Auto Mechanics know how to fix the tedious things. We can diagnose a window that’s off track or won’t roll up. Have it fixed and back working properly in no time. Also able to replace many minor inconveniences like broken buttons on the dash or door switches.

Minor Exterior Repairs

– We don’t claim to be a body shop but we can surely help with the basic stuff.


Do you have a cracked head light case, maybe a busted brake light? Let us know


Simple exterior repairs we can handle quickly for you. Things like: Blown Tail lights, Headlights, cracked mirrors and the occasional bumper cover replacement.